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1.1.8 quarry not working at weird white screen issue


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Quarry Issue:

So I started up tekkit on a friends server a few weeks ago (running 1.1.8), been working on a nuclear powerplant. Need resources, so I go to start up my quarries.

I've got 12 mag engines generating power from nether lava via tesseract, quartz conductive pipe running, oh... a ways out to the quarries.

I set down a quarry, connect it all up, and it starts to build the frame. It'll build the whole frame, then mine about 5 blocks, then the mining laser goes off in a straight line, beyond the frame of the quarry, and just keeps going and going and going. Perhaps I have energizer batteries running the quarry, I don't know.

Now, I've operated many a quarry, this is my 6th or so on this server. It's out in the "ocean", so I know it's not hitting lava. Its between 60-120 blocks from the mag engines (via quartz conductive). I don't have an exact count, but I cant imagine it's too far. Besides, didn't they take out resistance in conductive pipe? From what I understand, they are all lossless now, so it shouldn't be an issue of losing power. On top of that, it does build the frame, very quickly. So I know it is receiving power.

I can't imagine what is wrong with it. I've broken it, placed it again to see if it would work... 4 times in a row. Same thing every time. Starts working, builds the quarry frame, mines a few blocks, then you can watch the laser run away.

White Screen Issue:

So, this also just started happening. Not sure if it's related to the quarry issue (or the other way around). Basically, I'll be playing (if you can consider trying to get quarries to work as playing), everything is fine (if you consider broke quarries fine), then randomly, my screen just goes white. I can still see my inventory, I can still switch items, I can still see waypoints. But there is no terrain, I cannot move (my coordinates don't change when i try to move), I (thankfully) can kill myself by overheating with my (amazingly awesome) rail gun. Obviously since I cannot move, that is the only death method available. Once I respawn, it's all fine again. Then I play a little longer, and it happens again. Some times when I respawn, I spawn directly into that white screen.

I just tried going to the nether, and you know how the screen turns all purple and stuff as you enter and exit the portals... I loaded into the nether, and it wasn't a white screen, it was a purple screen. Couldn't move, could still see my inventory, could only kill myself by overheating rail gun.

I've tried searching google for such issues, but haven't found anything.

Anyone have any ideas?

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oh, are you running the quarry at 64x64 size? if so, that can sometimes cause issues for some people. not always and it's unpredictable... Try limiting the size to 63 x 63 instead. more reliable.

Heh, actually, I generally have been running 63x63 simply because I wasn't sure if 64 was too big, or if it was max lol. So yes, I have been running 63x63, with no problems until now.

But even now, whether it's 63x63, or the standard size of a quarry, it does the same thing :(

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some of the other issues sound like what happens when the server I'm playing on loads slow. It's not a server issue, but an issue with the connection between the server and my computer. Playing over the internet, not by lan. i get times where it takes 25 or more seconds before I can actually do anything other then fall. Can you rule that out as part of the issue? have you let the quarry run for a minute(after the laser goes off on it's journey) and does it return to normal?

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ya, i've let it run for half hour, to no avail

Same with the white screen, I've let it sit there for a while to see if it would correct itself, but it doesn't. Having looked more, I may have the host delete my player file to see if that helps. I'll have to try that in a week or so when I'm back from work though :(

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