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please help with modding

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Just to point out, you won't be able to add Thaumcraft to Tekkit Classic. Thaumcraft 3, the latest one (publicly released, anyway - I hear 4 might be in the works), doesn't have a version for Minecraft 1.2.5, which Tekkit Classic uses. The mod needs to support the version of Minecraft that it's running on, otherwise it won't work. Short of back porting the mod yourself, you won't get Thaumcraft 3 on a Classic server.

Of course, there was a Thaumcraft around at the time of 1.2.5 - Thaumcraft 2. As far as Minecraft versions are concerned, that's fine. However, at Minecraft 1.2.5, the server and client versions of Minecraft were separate, and therefore the same had to apply to mods. There was never a server version of Thaumcraft 2 released, and so there is no way of getting that on your server without again making a server version yourself. Even if there were, it would also need to be Bukkit ported (more work for you).

Just to clarify, back porting a mod past the Minecraft 1.2.5-1.3 gap or making a server version for a closed source mod is no easy task for someone with no modding (actual modding, not putting mods in folders) experience, otherwise someone would have done it by now. Chances are you're not going to get Thaumcraft in there, whatever version you use.

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