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Autofeeding Fusion Reactors?


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AE does work. Because you are only asking about putting deuterium in I will only cover that. Make sure you have a basic export bus and attach it to the fusion reactor core. I have mine connected from above. Right click the export bus and put deuterium in the slot. Make sure the export bus is connected to your ME system. And obviously have deuterium cells stored in ME too.

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Ok so I understand now that the fusion reactor is really just a tin sink :) I tried to replicate some of the suggestions in that thread with regards to piping steam. I built a huge 15x15x15 Dynamic Tank and pumped the steam using mechanical pipes into the tank. I then had a valve that ran to the turbans. In single player it seems to work out ok however when I replicated it on the Multiplayer server The TPS dropped and the admins profiled the server showing my little reactor was using something like 48% of the servers CPU.... There appears to be some kind of bug related to multiple mechanical pipes being shunted into a dynamic tank.. In theory it's a great reactor design and you end up with a huge 'steam battery' to boot. Does anyone else have any good ideas about how to maximize your fuel without killing your server?

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