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Particle Accelerator


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I've seen a few threads about this issue but nothing has helped me solve it so far. I am trying to get a particle accelerator to work and no matter what I try the particles always blow up at some point before getting to full speed. I have tried small rings, large rings, very large rings and using the instant builder (radius 30) and the highest I can get to it about 50% of full speed. I have tried placing them in different places and tried squares, rectangles and curves all with no success!

Any tips for what to try next?



p.s. It's powered by a huge fusion reactor with redstone conduit or using energy tesseracts for the loops I have tried in other places

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i had the same problem until i went full retard (as in max size everything)

made a 64*64 ring. Make sure the inner radius is 64. build the rest of the accelerator around that. make it Square. always square. why? because it works XD

once you place the particle accelerator itself feed it from the top, front and bottom. make sure all conduits are to output energy. also, kill any other block consuming power and dedicate the reactor to just the accelerator. you might need to play a little to place the lever, sometimes removing a magnet from a side works. if the particle says "failure" remove one conduit and work with just 2. replace the magnet you removed and work with 2 conduits one lever.

also, having a reactor doesnt mean its a lot of power. sometimes designs are just useless for energy generation. specially the auto build ones. post a screenshot of your reactor, but unless its as efficient as some of the reactors posted around here and on the atomic science config thread its prolly NOT enough power, thats why its stuck at 50%

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