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Fake User And problems with quarry, blockbreakers, ect.

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heyo :D

I recently started my Tekkit minecraft server, and got everything pretty straightened out. I fixed all the errors, so none pop up on my consol and all the got playing to the point where i have red matter. But i soon wanted to use block breakers and quarries and i could not get them to work :( i got PermsEx hoping it would help because some threads said that giving Fake Users [buildcraft] [redpower] [industrialcraft] perms would work. But i have no idea how! i look all around the wiki and i couldnt really find out how :I. Im really nooby. Can anyone help me?

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Maybe there is a chance you're building too close to the spawn point? I'm not completely sure how that all works, but when I first started my Tekkit server, there was one particular tree that no one could cut down, and everyone was freaking out a little (that tree is still there to this day haha). But yea, just a thought.

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