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Big Dig crashes after maxing out my cpu

James Tayler

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Hey guys, after launching the BigDig modpack from the technic launcher the game gets slower and slower. Before it completely crashes it starts freezing for a couple of seconds until it finally stops. When i open task manager to end the process i look at my cpu and its running at 100%... my cpu never runs at 100% even on games like bf3.

Any help on how to fix this issue would be great :)


CPU: Phenom XII 4.3 (not oc)

Allocated ram: 4gb for technic launcher (12gb for windows)

OS: Windows 7 ult 64bit

Java: 64bit

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It sounds like there's something you're doing that's generating a ton stuff to compute. Do you have an autospawner or soul shard out of control? Maybe spawning mobs into your wiring? Or some machine is producing a product in a loop? Are you flying over a large new area, requiring the computer to generate a bunch of chunks? One thing to check: hit f3, and see how many chunk updates are occurring. Normal range should be 0 into the hundreds, and it should probably vary a fair amount, often dropping to 0.

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All of this happens just as i start the game... (new world and everything). To be more specific this is what happens:

I'm not sure if you've seen those giant trees in bigdig, they're about 6x6 blocks... im in creative destroying two blocks up in the 6x6 square-almost-shape, as i try to turn around its starts sticking... then it crashes.

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