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  1. You probably triggered TreeCapitator on a giant sequoia, then. That would crash things pretty quick, since it has to break 6x6 x ~100 blocks at once.
  2. It sounds like there's something you're doing that's generating a ton stuff to compute. Do you have an autospawner or soul shard out of control? Maybe spawning mobs into your wiring? Or some machine is producing a product in a loop? Are you flying over a large new area, requiring the computer to generate a bunch of chunks? One thing to check: hit f3, and see how many chunk updates are occurring. Normal range should be 0 into the hundreds, and it should probably vary a fair amount, often dropping to 0.
  3. Good news! You have a different error message now. Looks like your modular power suits and MPS Addons are way out of date. Update both at http://machinemuse.net/download.php and try again.
  4. The universal cable is really laggy, last I checked, because it updates its lighting depending on how much energy is flowing through it. I would switch to redstone conduits ASAP. If I remember correctly, Mekanism generators should be able to output MJ on their own. If I'm wrong, use power converters.
  5. It's spitting out some error about a "bouncy castle provider," which from googling looks like it's part of java itself. I would try updating Java. The fact that it doesn't work with Voltz either helps support the idea that it's something more fundamental than the mod pack.
  6. Check the forestry "common" config. There's an option to turn it back on. # set to false to disable particle fx on slower machines performance.particleFX.enabled=false
  7. NEI on cheat mode should show 4 icons for dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight. Right click on dusk and midnight as an op, and the time will reset itself to dawn when the sun sets.
  8. Annoying: a buildcraft filler set to clear won't remove Natura ore bushes.
  9. The easiest way is to use Thermal Expansion's pulverisers, then powered furnaces to turn one ore into 2 dusts, then two ingots.
  10. If you check the settings in the Technic Launcher it should give you the path to the files. Click the little gear in the top right corner.
  11. It looks like it's something wrong with your logistics pipes? Are there any near where you're loading?
  12. The butcher command in Forge Essentials or equivalent can do this serverside, fyi.
  13. Try making sure that increase permgen is checked in the Technic Launcher settings, and make sure you have 1 gig of ram at least, preferably at least 2.
  14. Do MFR mobs from an autospawner work in soul shards? You could always set up a farm that way.
  15. I've never gotten it to work. If you're willing, just cheat yourself a higher level soul shard. You can spawn a level 1/2/3/4/5 soul shard without any kills on it. Kill one monster of the desired type with the shard in your quickbar (maybe 2? can't remember) and it should be set to that monster just like a level 0 one would be. Skip the grind.
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