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Server crashed not sure what to do next!


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Ok im posting here first because i don't know if I should be submitting bug reports, crash reports or if there is an easy fix to this. My pc froze up and had to be hard reset, and when it came back up I started server and got an exception with server tick loop. In the report it noted a cfg with unknown characters. Upon opening the cfg file it was all NULL in notepad++ I deleted the file so it could be regenerated. Well starting server again showed another cgf file with same issue. So I figured all my cfg files had been nullified and made a backup of config folder the deleted the old one hoping a newly generated one would fix the problem, it did nothing i still get crashing. Is there an easy way to just resurrect my world on a new server build? like just start fresh new server but with old world. Cause im not sure what happened but it seems it would be easier to just make fresh server install and copy old world and config into it then make changes to the cfg files in new server build? Any help would be greatly appreciated, for me and all my players!!

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Last back up I made was over a week ago :( got lazy lol. But it seems its my world thats corrupt generating a new world worked just fine but using any world files from the time of reboot gives tons of errors :( its ok though I just started a new world, it seems after talkin with a few of my players that no one besides me had invested much time in building so i gave them creative mode for a while today and we will be ok lol. Good thing its basiclly a cpl of buddies and my wife. If I had a bigger server i think theyd hang me :P

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