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[0.6.5]Apocalipse Anarchy[PvP][50 slot][Open][no mods removed][Hard]TekkitLite Vanilla Server


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Server IP :

Server rules : No admins. No mods. Survive against the zombies and the other players, make machines start enrich your uranium today ! Grieffing and raiding allowed, no mods no admins no added in resources.

Banned items mods : There arent any, you can do anything you want until you alive.

Plugins : No plugins at all.

About the server : If you are tired of the admins and moderators telling you want to do, if you are tired about all the disabled mods, the plugins that crashing the server all the time or just want to kill everyone. Looking for a place to build ? Go far away from the spawn and stay out of the trouble. If you just want to have some fun, and you are upp for the challange, this is your server.

The expected uptime : 24/7


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