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1.1.8 New player Q's: Texture pack and Power Armor appearance

Steve From Marketing

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Me yet again with morebrilliant questions.

Where do you find texture packs for Tekkit (1.1.8) and how do you install them? Is installing them the same as in normal Minecraft?

As I understand Tekkit is a compilation (?) of mods so do I have to install a specific texture pack per mod or is there's some kind of texture pack that would work for all the mods in Tekkit (Normal 1.1.8, no extra mods installed on the server)?

Another thing that eludes me is that is there a way to reset the power armor appearance? I pressed the default L to check how the colouring and hiding of parts works and it made the whole armor invisible.

Also there seems to be the default armor "texture" (?) then the extra ones from the MPS bonus mod. Should I only use the textures from the default one (named armor) or the MPS ones (named MPS) in the colouring window when pressing L key?

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you have a couple options. plowman has a nice pack out there somewhere (in fact there's a link somewhere in this forum which I'm too lazy to look up) that he compiled for Tekkit. You can also just look out for a general MC 1.5.2 pack, as that will at least cover SOME of your world. But I find that if you just search for Tekkit texture packs you can at least find a lot of good stuff to start you out:




EDIT: to be more specific, some of these don't address all the mods included, which is why the one that plowman put together is so nice; you can always put your own together by piling all the various texture files into your own folder in the texturepack location, but yes that's something of a chore, especially when you're new at it.

Sorry I can't help more about the power armor...

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Pressing L will open up the menu, which then gives you a ludicrous number of options. The little blue icons will render the armor invisible no matter what and I believe is the default (don't quote me on that though). The middle one is what makes the armor piece appear in the screen and in the world. The one on the right I THINK is a bloom/glow enabled version of the middle and is disabled for now if I'm recalling the change log correctly (something about it crashing clients or something).

Once you've selected that middle one, you can then choose to color it according to your tastes. By default the only color scheme is white. You can change that default by fiddling with the RGB sliders. You can also add additional template colors to each armor piece (ie head, chest, leggings, boots) to use on the individual bits of each piece (like the power crystals on the chest for example). You do that by clicking on the plus sign. I've only added three color schemes at once but I imagine you can add more. You can also remove color schemes by clicking the minus sign above each scheme. Note that if you want multiple colors you have to add them to each piece of the armor (ie adding a blue scheme for your boots does NOT add it to your chest as well).

I hope that helps. It took me a little while to figure it all out too heh.

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