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Join the team....Create something EPIC! 18+ Only


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Do you have what it takes to be a part of a successful team? Join the MC4US team.

MC4US! The name implies a sense of ownership and belonging. I am a server owner and Minecraft enthusiast looking to put a team of talented people together. I don’t just want to create yet another Technic or Minecraft server, I want to create a BRAND! I am not a kid looking to put a server together for friends (which has its place). I am well out of school, and want to create much more than a simple weekend server. Can it be done? Of course! With the massive base of players Minecraft has accumulated the possibilities are numerous. However, it will require dedication and motivation from a mature team of like-minded people.

The team of people must be 18 and older to start. I know this limits things a bit, but that is what I am looking for. Team members will also be unpaid volunteers. While one of the goals will be to generate revenue, I simply cannot predict that this will happen. I will handle the dedicated server, web hosting, and domain costs. I am just looking for other enthusiast who want to contribute time.

If you are 18+, highly motivated, and interested in being part of a team, please message me with the completed application at the bottom of this post. PM's or email are the best. Thank you for your time!

Skillsets needed:

Video Editors: Can you edit minecraft video captures into an action packed short movie? Can you combine graphics, video, and animation into a package that keeps the youtube hits coming? What are you waiting for? Apply!

Java Programmers: Do arguments, methods, and parameters mean anything to you? Do you see the world in lines of code? Do you enjoy looking at other people’s code and making it even better? How about joining the team!

Plugin Specialists: Do you know how to optimize plugins or mods in order to create a stable game environment. Are you experienced with Faction, Permission, Economy, and other useful plugins? Why not give us a hand.

Linux Admins: Do you laugh at all the GUI users while you tear up the console, executing commands? Can you install, maintain, and fix linux software in your sleep. Let’s get started then!

In-Game Mods and Admins: Can you keep a calm demeanor when players barrage you with the same issues over and over? Are you capable of enforcing the rules no matter what your relationship is to a particular player? Are you respectful, yet firm? You are needed!

Social Networking Gurus: Can you get others excited with just your words. Do you spend a large amount of time on facebook, twitter, and youtube? Do people flock to your page to see what you post next? Then your gift is must for this team.

Basic Application: If chosen you will have to agree to hold all non-public information confidential, and not sabotage the team’s work. This simply helps protect the integrity of the brand we will create, and weed out non-serious applicants.

1.First Name:

2.Minecraft username:

3.Skype Username:


5.Skillset you can provide:

6.Link to an example of your work, if one is available:

7.Amount of time per week you can provide:

8.Country you live in:

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1.First Name: My first name is Ben

2.Minecraft username: my minecraft username is Bennythegreat (i made it when i was young)

3.Skype Username:Benny.h.12

4.Age: 15

5.Skillset you can provide: I am a very honest person hint the 15 years old thing, but that said I am a great player i am very nice and take instructions well, im also a very calm person so if i had people asking and asking i would be able to keep my calm,

6.Link to an example of your work, if one is available:--

7.Amount of time per week you can provide:Well im a full time gymnast and i have school but i can spend all my time on the server on the weekend and a bit at night(im up kinda late most nights)

8.Country you live in: Australia

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hello i would like to join

1. John

2. JohnnyMcQ

3. necro_macq

4. 15( sorry that im not 18 but im mature)

5. I may not have all the skills listed obuve but i am good with the game and am familiar with most mods. i would like to join because i have been waiting for a opportunity like this for a long time and would like to be apart of something that will be enjoyable/important and im not a half bad architect.

6.none(but after this if accepted there will be).

7. i do have school so not from 8:00 to 3:00 on weekdays but on weekends i can put in allot of work that is

8. California U.S.A

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