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  1. thank you so much i really appreciate the help :)
  2. i just started a big dig world a little while ago and im struggling on power im wondering which is the best source of power from early to mid game, and also is there a machine that chops and re plants sapplings because i am in need of charcoal also thanks :)
  3. can someone please help me im having serious issues with my big dig mod pack, it cant load worlds new or old, it wont get past the loading of terrain, it will sit there for as long as i have the tab for big dig open, i have also deleted technic launcher, and big dig from the launcher but still nothing is working.
  4. IGN:stewie_dog Age:18 What country are you from? Australia Why TotalTekkit? looking for a fun server that hs people regularly, single player is getting a bit dull and wanting to be ale to interact with people Would i find your name on MCBANS? If so why? no. i have never been banned, i loath people that grief and dis-respectfulness and cheating wrecks the game Do you agree to the rules above? yes.
  5. im looking for a small australian server, if i need to answer anything just message me or coment
  6. having and issue with my big dig, i cant load a world a new world or previoesly played world, it wont get past building the terrain, if there is a known fix i would love to have this issue resolved so i can get back to big dig please and thanks
  7. name:wade minecraft username: stewie_dog age:18 long term minecraft project: being able to build a fully automatic factory that takes ores and turns them things i need though the me interface why i want to play on the server: the interaction with people and being able to learn and grow from others ideas and being taught how to do things also to be able to teach when my knowledge is solid
  8. is that it, i have added mods thou mo'creatures never worked for some reason and i havent yet tried mekanism on the bases of it might not work
  9. Does anyone know if its possiable how to add mods to tekkit lite such as mo'crsatures and mekanism thanks :)
  10. yes im willing, im 18 and quiet mature willing to learn so hit me up on skype: wadexr75 or email if thats better, [email protected]
  11. i have a tekkit lite server ATM that holds 5 people looking for a small group of people that are willing to play and have fun have to be mature and easy to get along with, any sort of cheating will result in a ban immediately, either message me or reply on here for the ip and hamachi details :)
  12. i am able to be on at almost any time, just looking for a small group of people to play tekkit lite with
  13. hello i wish to play with my cousin because i never get to see him and he is 9 hours away away id love to be able to create a server for me and him can someone please tell me how to i would be really thank full
  14. IGN:stewie_dog age:18 i have played tekkit lite now for about a year, tho normal minecraft i have played for about a year and a half on both pc and xbox email:[email protected] skype: wadexr75
  15. is the server still up and running and if i have issues is there a way to contact you about them
  16. hey im having serious issues with my big dig when i launch the game its fine tho when i try and make a new world or load a previous world it wont load it stays on "Building terrain", i would love feed back if someone knows how to fix this and i have also deleted big dig and reinstalled multiple times. help please