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[1.5.2] ℜetribution Wild West [NoWhitelist-PVP-Towny-Crops-CustomGuns-Staff-Biomes-Horses]


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Site: www.retributiongaming.net

Modpack (paste this link into technic): http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/wild-west-frontier

Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/wild-west-frontier.185231


Are you ready to explore the American wild west in a exciting action packed modpack? Well if you are climb aboard retribution gamings wild west frontier modpack as we take minecraft to a whole new level of awesome. You will experience gameplay you will never have seen as you colonize the untamed lands of america.


To get playing all you have to do is download the technic launcher: [link]

press 'add new modpack' and put in the link below. Server is already added so you can get on your way to becoming a legend of the wild west.




- No griefing pointlessly (destroying nature for no reason, dirt swastika etc)

- Dont swear excessivly

- Dont spam

- Respect staff


- Have fun

Hope to see you on there soon!

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- Added Evans Repeater

- Added Henry Repeater

- Fixed issue with chunk lag

- Started work on Gun overhaul;

- Various new gun items added

- Added an advanced box

- Added Aquaculture mod

**Note that some of these additions are going to be worked on at a later stage, such as crafting recipes.

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We have added a new limited edition gun to the wild west server, it will only be available over Christmas, so get on and grab yours today!

INFO: This is a customised peacemaker revolver which shoots 2 bullets each shot. It uses standard revolver ammo and can be crafted at the presents under the Christmas tree. After Christmas, you will keep the guns but the presents will be removed, making these items have a limited amount.

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Amazing Server!,

Just had a minor update, to include a quest for a limited time only gun!, this gun is called Zak's 20th Candle, it is a 10 shot very accurate shotgun

This is a limited time gun and will only be able to get it this weekend!!

So come join us!

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