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[Voltz 2.0.4][Clean Start!][PVE][20Slots][Open to all]


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OK sorry if this is the wrong posting area..also in the open thread...

Hey guys i've put together a little server for me and a few friends, lately i've been the only one on it so i decided to start fresh and try to get new players to join in.I've played mostly Original MC but like the tech aspect so if anyone would like to jump in please do..this is open to all. Also i have a mumble server running as well so you can chat with others.


North America West Coast server

4gb ram (not the most but can handle a good few)

25mb Down net

6mb up

The server is running on 64bit MineOs with just the basics running to allow for more ram to MC.

Server info is omegadplus.no-ip.biz

Mumble info is omegadplus.no-ip.biz Password mine

This server runs 24/7 and is a survival on normal... PVP is disabled but willing to take a poll on changing that. Beginners welcome and also advanced users. I'm easy going and just want to get use out of this machine. Thanks guys...I hope to see you there.

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Thanks to all of you who have come online to try out the server, As i stated in the title it is clean...nothing is really built. I'm still figuring out what plugin's i should have installed to make it easier for players.

Please list plugin's you would like to see installed and i'll consider them. Thank you guys

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This server is really good it has protection for golden shovel so you can claim land for your base.

The server is small but with more people we can make this small community grow.

I have already set up my little base with all i need but its not much without good players to battle and chat to.

The serve may be small but you can help make it better please join us and help us make it a great server for everyone.

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