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Server File Modders Required for Modpack


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http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-clay-soilders-mayhem.139152 is my modpack, I need a server file with the mods listed on the description of the modpack, also I need to mention that this is no easy task since all the mods are 1.2.5

E-mail file here: [email protected]

Rewards if it is proven to work for more than 24 hours(You submit the file, I'll test the hours):

Eternal appreciation on top of description in the modpack

Secret Screen with you in it on the modpack as an easter egg

Your modpack advertised in mine

Thank you video wether animated, me in person, or just a random sketch

Clay Soldiers Mayhem Digital Poster (could be designed for thanking you)

Moderator spot on official servers if ever launched(Hopefully if you speak spanish)

A free t-shirt if ever launched.

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Wow, 1.2.5? Someone is old-fashioned. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you want a server with plugins running on 1.2.5, then the mods need to be ported over to Bukkit, and ForgeBukkit is rather dead. My advice is, ditch the 1.2.5 as soon as possible and make another variant of it, on a later version of Minecraft.

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