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Hi everyone.

My old rig just dropped dead about a week ago after 4 years of good service.

Today I got my new notebook - I5 with 2.5 to 3 ghz 6 gb ddr3 ram. this think is quite a lot faster than my old rigg but for some reasons minecraft runs on like 5 fps.

I dont know whats wrong. My old rigg got some stable 60fps out of this game. First i thaught it might be because Minecraft only uses one core - but ontifine comes with the tekkit launcher so it should use all of them right? Also I thaught that maybe its only using the onboard GPU which comes with the I5 processor - i also have a gt540m from nvidia. But even if it does - a friend of mine is playing bad company 2 at medium details with this onboard GPU and he has no laggs at all so it should be enough for minecraft. I also installed 64 bit java.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?

Help would me much appreciated..

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Try Right clicking on the icon and selecting Run with graphics processes > High-performance NVIDIA processer.

assuming your notebook has an optimus setup.

as for minecraft being slow, it could be that the integrated graphics are only optimised for DirectX rather then openGL.

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