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  1. Not sure if I am mistaken, but according to the Bukkit thread PEX is 1.2.5 compatible http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissionsex-pex-v1-19-1-tomorrow-is-today-1-2-5-r1-0.18140/
  2. I just use PermissionsEx and the built in hierarchy system. "Guests" are the default group and "Regulars" are the next rank up which has the modifyworld.* permission nodes. In order for someone to have permission to build/pickup items/interact with the world they need to be promoted using the "/pex promote <username>" command which I granted my moderators access to. Here is a quick example I did off the top of my head so I may have gotten some of the nodes wrong http://pastebin.com/ua8ZL0as The ranking goes in order from largest number to smallest.
  3. The version of PEX I use on my Tekkit server is v1.19.1 and you can find it here http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/permissionsex/files/12-permissions-ex-v1-19-1-package/
  4. Any updates on this? I would love to use Adminium to manage my server but I don't believe there is a version of JsonAPI that is compatible with both Tekkit and Adminium
  5. No problem! Depending on how long ago it was when you tried Movie Maker, it may have changed since the last time you used it. The most recent version is a lot simpler; comparable to iMovie.
  6. Yes, the version that I use with the current version of Tekkit is 5.4 which you can download here http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldguard/files/2-world-guard-5-4/
  7. You would use video editing software such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, etc. All of these cost hundreds of dollars but some of them have free trials. If you just need something free and simple, most people on Youtube get by with Windows Movie Maker (PC obviously) or iMovie (OSX). The results are far from astounding but if you just need something to clip pieces together the free options are the best choice. If you need anything beyond that, I am sure there are some decent and cheap consumer grade video editors out there but unfortunately I haven't used any to give a recommendation.
  8. When I applied this fix, it removed all my players EE items from their chests and inventory. Is that normal?
  9. I have been fiddling with SWatchDog (Tekkit build) as well and I haven't gotten it to log blocks placed. It's logging things like Nukes were placed by "(Physics)"
  10. Have you tried allocating more RAM in the Technic Launcher Options menu? If it's set to 1gb, try upping it to 2gb and see if that helps any.
  11. I believe the mod you are trying to find is called Towny
  12. Thank you for introducing me to this plugin, it looks perfect. I appreciate it!
  13. Well it's not logging any of the Tekkit blocks, so what extra steps are needed?
  14. Is there any way to get Logblock or a similar plugin working with Tekkit 100%? Thanks for your help.
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