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No Transformers in Voltz 2.0.4


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I started to play Voltz a couple of days ago with the version 2.0.4. After a while I realized there are no Transformers included. But they are still necessary to down and upgrad voltage! I didnt find them in the item list and it isn't possible to craft them cause the construction parts themselves doesnt exist in 2.0.4. (Such like coils.) I tried to play older version and the last version with working transformers is 1.1.4. Is there something wrong with my installation or is it a general bug?

Someone has an idea how to fix that?

(Java 1.7.0 on Windows 7)


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Transformers are from Electrci Expansion mod if I'm not mistaken, and the mod is probably taken out of Voltz, you can use energy cubes from Mekanism to downgrade voltage. Example: Ultimate energy cube ouputs 480V, connect it to Basic energy cube (will not, should not explode), and basic outputs 120V.

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