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Fission Reactor Problems


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Im having trouble with a fission reactor setup. my setup is almost an exact copy of what is shown in this tutorial

. It is a 3x3x2 box of water source blocks inside a concrete shell with the reactor in the center one big turbine above, copper wire into a battery box just to test if it has output. I am fueling it using Uranium 238 rods.

When fuel is inserted, the reactor heats up but no steam is created, when the fuel rod is removed the heat dissipates and steam is created along with power that shows up in the batt box. As long as there is fuel in it, it refuses to create steam, it only heats up internally. i have rebuilt it 3 times now, but can find no flaw, nor any tutorial that shows differently from this format. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I haven't noticed any electromagnets in the video, and video is from January so probably outdated, I'm not completely sure but I think you need electromagnets surrounding the fission reactor. Inside the magnets plasma is created and the plasma boils the water.

Something like in this video (I'm pretty sure it's the same for fission/fusion)

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I think Vlado is describing Fusion reactors.

For your Fission reactor, make sure you are using enriched uranium (I think its U-235 not U-238). The other kind is Breeding Uranium and it is used to re-enrich a depleted uranium rod but I have not figured out how in the current Voltz version.

I also ran into the problem of having too much power loss over long distances with normal copper wire and ended up using 'universal cable' for long-distance power transmission.

Hope this helps.

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