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So I get about 4-16 frams per second running Volts.

Now your thinking, "its probably just your computer specs."

But no.

Vanilla Minecraft runs 60-120 FPS

Ultimate Pack FTB runs 40-60 FPS

Star Craft 2 runs 50-80 FPS

Star Trek Online runs 50-60 FPS


My computer has 2.56 GHZ Duel Core i5 Intel Processor.


64 BIT Operating System

Latest JAVA 7

Alienware M14X R1

So something else is causing this frame rate issue. Any ideas on what or how to fix it?

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Did you read the common problems thread and troubleshoot on your own before asking?

First off, Voltz is a very different pack than the norm and is different than all those other things you listed (vanilla MC and starcraft? Really?) so performance isn't really comparable. Check to make sure your java version is 64 bit. Open your settings in the launcher and click to allocate ram. If you can't allocate more than 1GB than you need to go grab 64 bit java. Also check "increase permgen size" too.

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