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[Voltz 2.0.4]VoltzWarzone [PvP/Grief][20 slots][Public][chunk-loader plugin]


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-----------------------Server details-----------------------------------------------------------------

server IP:

server is up 24/7


-dont chunkload more than 15 chunks/player (use /keepchunk and /releasechunk ingame)

-dont grief spawn

-keep chat clean

-everything else is allowed


auto-save (every 15 min)

auto-restart (every 4 hours)

chunkkeeper (for chunkloading)

-----------------------Server Description-----------------------------------------------------------

A PVP server with very little rules, just have fun and do what you want. The chunkloader plugin can help keep automated processes from MinefactoryReloaded going while you are not around, helping you fuel the ongoing war.

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Due to a server crash caused by the chunkloader plugin interfacing incorrectly with mechanism, the chunkloader plugin has been temporarily disabled. The server is back up now, I will look into fixing the problem later today when i have time.

@Vanto, im not going to install essentials since it is my belief that many of its features (home teleports, warps, etc) are detrimental to open world pvp

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