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[1.0.10]4EG[24/7][Teamspeak][No Lag][Factions][PvP][200 Slots][Economy][Shops][Ranks][Multi-World]


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~~~ HEXXIT 1.0.10 for MINECRAFT 1.5.2 ~~~

~~~ Currently 200 slots available ~~~

~~~ Running 24/7 - Auto restart every 6 hours ~~~

Hexxit Server I.P. : hex.4eg.in:26765

Teamspeak 3 Server : ts3.4eg.in

Four Elements Gaming Website : http://www.4eg.in/


It's recommended to get the new Technic Launcher!

Technic Launcher :

Technic Launcher Download Site

[1]Scroll down to Hexxit modpack

[2] Click the gear under Hexxit logo this is the options for Hexxit.

[3] Click "manually select a build"

[4] Use drop down menu and choose 1.0.10

[5] Then hit save.

Once you are done click "Launch"


This is a Factions based server, PvP in the "wild"

There are safe-zones as well as custom flags can be set for more faction control.

There is a ranking system which is done in-game.

Ranking up requires in-game money and players can rank themselves up.

We are a growing community of players, we have great staff, and players.

Currently we have 2 servers with plans to open more.

Spawn :


Admin Shops :


Casino :


Jails (for players who just don't get it) :


Cemetary for banned players (They really didn't get it) :


Players having fun !!! :




ColoredMotd, CreativeControl, DailyBonus, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, Essentials, EssentialsAntiBuild, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, FactionChat, Factions, GAListener, GroupManager, HeroBounty, ItemSlotMachine, Lottery, MobCash, MultiWorld, OpenInv, RankSigns, SignShop, TagAPI, TekkitCustomizer, Vault, Votifier, WorldEdit


List of rules to follow.

It's a very short list so we uphold these few rules

with an iron fist.

[1] No Spamming : Including channels, players, commands.

[2] No offensive structures : Your structures must be friendly too.

[3] No Discrimination/Racism : Speech is a right not a freedom.

[4] No Client Mods : Mods or Hacks that give unfair, donator only, or any ability you should not have are not allowed here.

[5] Report all bugs.

[6] No Begging : Do your own work.

[7] No Profanity : Cursing, Vulgar language not permitted

[8] No Advertising other servers


List of banned items & Mods removed.

Ender Bow(item# 6109, Bag(item# 7608), Capsule(item# 7616:1), Storage Crate(item# 1054)

Mods Removed : Dimensional Doors, Secret Rooms, Chest Transporter



ThePa9an [Owner]

WayneFrancis [Admin]

DemonKezzington [Moderator]

senoc [Moderator]

cesmaster [Moderator]

T73 [Moderator]

jRabago [Moderator]

bleatinggoat [Moderator]

Server250 [Moderator]

Excrobic [Moderator]

Rayman1046 [Moderator]


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