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You want mods that make resources(coal, diamond, copper, etc...) appear above ground? Like in chunks on top of the ground?

Big Dig has ore-gravel that appears in small chunks on the surface already, but I don't know of any mods that do that. Maybe if you look in Cofh, where the amounts of ore that are generated can be adjusted. That's how Big Dig already has more ore than a normal Minecraft world.

As for mods that add more ore -- there is Metallurgy that adds a lot of new ores and the amounts that spawn in a world can be adjusted, but I think it's config messes with the normal ore generation, so you'll probably need to check the config to make sure it doesn't overwrite Big Digs ore-generation settings. You may also want to increase the amount of ore that only the Metallurgy mod normally generates as, to match the variety and plentifulness that Big Dig offers.

I do not know if you can adjust ore to spawn above ground, though.


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Like StratX said, it's COFH core (it's the required core mod for Thermal Expansion) this has a config file called something like COFH world and it's in here that you can set any ore (including from other mods - in fact you can actually make any block spawn - diamond blocks! :-O) at any height and in any size cluster you wish.

It can be a little awkward to figure out how to configure it yourself, so I'd advise looking at how BigDig did it then copy those idea - it's what I did for my modpack.

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