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Atomic Science Copper Cables


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Hey all,

My group's been inspired by your discussion on atomic Science to build some of it in survival. The problem is that the copper cable appears to be bugged. We're on 1.1.9, and in NEI an unknown object with no recipe or use has replaced where the copper cable would go on a basic circuit recipe. I'm thinking it could be item Id overlap, but was hoping someone could shed light on whether this is just us or an update specific issue.

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No what he said does sound like an item ID conflict. Or possibly an option turned on in the config file by accident. The crafting ingrediant replacement is probably an option in the config file to allow a recipie from a mod that is not in tekkit. An oversight when the mod was compiled maybe? or simply just the config file was changed with the new version of atomic science and the modpack makers didn't know it changed.

Check the config file and see if it has options to use other mods for the crafting recipie. If so, make sure they are all turned off except for either basic components(should be the copper wire), MFR(plastic sheets everywhere), or thermal expansion.

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An Update! Jakalth was right on the money, it's to do with the new config files. Atomic Science has copper wire with Item ID 1071, and the newly added qcraft has one of it's blocks set with an ItemID of 1071 as well. My fix was to change the copper wire's ID to 1070. Anyone logging onto the server had to do the same-but copper wire should be craftable/usable now. Hopefully this is fixed before qcraft is put into the recommended version, it's a really silly mistake.

TLDR qcraft conflicts with Atomic science, change one of the item ID's to match.

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