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Very bad tps for no apparent reason


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On my server the tps was almost constant 20 but then all a sudden it became 1-10 for no apparent reason. I have 6gb of ram and a 3 ghz 2 core processor (hosted). What can I do to resolve this issue. I have already optimized and fixed everything I can think of that could possible solve this error but it remains.

there are no console errors

there are average 15-20 players

there is a 16 chunk limit per player

977 unique players to have ever joined

More info:

mcpc+ bukkit port

19 plugins

2 worlds

I have attempted to use pluigns like clearlagg to find the issue (/lagg chunk) but it does not work.

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Try BukkitForge instead of MCPC+ Bukkit Port,

and use ClearLagg then. (/lagg clear)

this may solve this, if not...

try in SP and look if the problem is the same...

I cannot use bukkitforge because some of my plugins do not work properly in it. The world is over 5gb so I cannot download it for single player. Thanks anyway!

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