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Optifine question


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I am new to this Technic launcher.

Anyway, I got a private pack and my question is does optifine work with this at all?

I tried to add the optifine files into the modpack.jar, but that just made the launcher appear the download bar at 0% then it didnt launch the actual instance.

I had to reinstall the whole modpack to get it to work again

So I wonder, does optifine work at all?

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Tekkit Dicussion section is for discussing about Tekkit.

Not custom modpacks, those are reserved for Platform Pagoda

To answer your question: how can we answer this, when you give us no information of what this modpack is?

A link to that modpack (preferably a new thread on the Platform Pagoda section) so other users can try it out will help a lot. Or a list of the mods, you probably just have a few mods that collide with each other. Like item/block ID's that have the same number.

Also, I have been able to make optifine work with hexxit in the past. This video helped me, try it out.

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