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Need help with Tekkit 1.1.10


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Hi all i got this problem that i need help with and i hope i can get some good answers.

I want to start a tekkit server for me and my friends, mainly to explore "space" but also other things that we can do in tekkit.

While looking at a youtube video i played tekkit 1.1.10 on singleplayer and realized that "airfan" does not exist on my version of (i think) "Galacticraft", and i got the 1.5.2 version, so what i understand i need to use 1.6.4 version of minecraft and galacticraft to be able to "go to space".

So now to my questions

How do i update my "tekkit-minecraft" version to 1.6.4? a tutorial on this would be very helpful.

Is there anything else i need to update or do to make this work?

I appreciate your answers and your help. Thanks in advance!

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updating Tekkit so it will work with 1.6.4 is a monumental task (which is why it hasn't been done yet); eventually those that work behind the scenes will get to it, but there's no timeline on when to expect it. So the only two options I have to suggest are:

(1) wait for Tekkit to eventually catch up with 1.6.4 (unknown time frame), or

(2) create a Galacticraft-only server based off of vanilla 1.6.4

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You can go to space in Tekkit 1.1.10.

The name of the block or item you are looking for probably changed in the 1.6 update, but I guarantee its possible.

yep, good point; guess I didn't read his post closely enough. I was too focused on his desire to use the newest Galacticraft.

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