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Hexxit 1.0.10 Server update instructions?


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Well put in all mods in the mods folder lol? Not saying anyway hard at you but how hard can it be to update some mods? lol

1. Download the update

2. Find "mods"

3. Take the mods from the new build and put it in your FTP mods

4. Hard?

you maybe need to put in the "configs"

dont think that the "Coremods" got updated if so then put it in "Coremods" in your FTP

( or do like i do (idk if thats the hard way but i just delete "coremods" "Mods" "LIb" "configs"

just to make everything clean and to make sure everything is 100% )

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I think you need to update the Qcraft configs as they got updated

"qCraft, and fixed a minor configuration issue"

Thats all in the configs that updated.

The mods that need you need to put in your folder is just

  • Better Storage version
  • Artifice to version
  • Natura to version
  • Tinkers Construct version 1.4.3.
  • Battle Towers


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