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Update to 1.6.4 with RedPower is possible! :)


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First: I know this is not really redpower, but it's a "remake" of it.

I'm one of the guys, who can't live without RedPower2 in any Tekkit(-Lite) Version, so I just asked google for a possibility to use RedPower in 1.6.4....

AND I found this cool "Remake":

MC-Forum: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1885652-164forge-multipart-projectred-v40512-10172013/

Website: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46144650/website/projred/downloads.html


It's not completed yet, and the frames are missing too, but I think this could make a

1.6.4-TekkitLite-Update WITH RedPower possible :)

And yeah... even if the frames are missing, it's possible, to add an update as 'Latest' and leave the 1.4.7-Version on 'Recommened'

What do you (the TekkitLite-Community) think about this Idea ?


PS: If you find mistakes in my english, feel free to tell me, because I'm german :)

EDIT2: Frames might be possible with this:


EDIT: Here is the ModPack permission from the MC-Forum Page

<< Mod Pack Permissions >>

As it states in the RPSL, you may use PR in any mod pack, as long as it follows the conditions outlined.  Do NOT PM me about mod packs, i will ignore them. Those are the rules, follow them. READ the license before even considering including this.


There are ONLY 2 circumstances from which PR may be downloaded.

1) legal mod pack.

2) original links from official website.

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Where was this beeing said ?

Everywhere, around the time Tekkit was released.

Kaker & Co. decided a new pack was in order, it's purpose to shed mods that update unreliably and provide a new and exciting experience. This is pretty old news, where have you been?

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