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As far as I know Tekkit comes with a "build in" version of optifine.

I experience some laggspikes and I heared many times that optifine can help with this. they recommend the multicore version for the newer multicore cpus. So can someone tell me which version it is and if necessary how i can replace it?

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If I'm not mistaken, Technic and Tekkit often come with Optifine Smooth which sometimes causes problems for me. I've tried the multi-core one twice and it's been ok but not a major boost in performance (I use a 980X, 6 cores). Whenever I run into weird graphical problems I usually try a few and currently use Optifine Standard. Nevertheless, experiment with different versions and find what works for you. Make sure you download the right version of optifine for the current version of minecraft (Tekkit currently runs on MC 1.1).

As for how, I just overwrite my optifine with the standard and that does the trick. If there's a better method, I'd love to know it.

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