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Where am I?


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(I'm only posting for help since I've searched for this for a while, but I can't seem to find anything similar. Maybe I'm just thinking the worst of this and being paranoid, but maybe I'm not. If you can help, please, do.)

I just started playing Hexxit about an hour ago, and I found a lot of strange things, but nothing quite as strange as this door that resembled a small Nether Portal. I entered without hesitation (I'm stupid) and found myself in a small, cramped stone room.

There were four hallways - One leading back to the overworld and three leading into what seemed like oblivion. There was nothing but a 1x1 pathway leading out and a staircase shortly after each way, with a door at the end of the staircase.

Out of curiousity (And paranoia), I peeked my head out the door to see if I'd need my sword or not, and to my surprise, I didn't. There weren't any mobs anywhere, but there was something. An eye. All it was doing was opening, but I had the feeling it was going to kill me when it was open, directly (Just causing me to die) or indirectly (Pushing me off the edge into oblivion). I panicked and just ran through a door.

I found myself in yet another cramped stone room. However, this one was a bit different, since it was longer and thinner. I looted what I could, then tried to continue through another door. But there must have been a tripwire or pressure plate that I missed because some sort of TNT trap was set off. I ran to a safe distance and waited for the explosion. Once it had exploded, I ran back over to the room to see if I could loot that room too, but my screen went black, then went to a loading screen with 'downloading terrain' on it.

And now I'm in some weird area that seems painfully similar to The End, but with creepy eyes everywhere and it's really dark.

What do I do?

(P.S: Sorry for making this post so long. I got a bit carried away... And I didn't want to leave anything important out, so I just put everything I could remember in. Thanks in advance if you can help me.)

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Welcome to Limbo, a part of Dimension Doors. Try not to stare at the monoliths, they're self-consious about it. (We aren't related--I'm from Nya'lotha myself.) Just go downwards as far you can, and you'll find a dark pool. Just jump into that to return to the overworld.

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You're currently in the Limbo. It's a place that you go to when you die in the Pocket Dimension or an Unstable Door.

When I first saw the Limbo, it wasn't that scary. There weren't creepy eyes staring at me or anything, it was just a huge terrain.

The only way out of the Limbo is to go to the lowest point of ground. In the Limbo, you do not take fall damage. Try to avoid hitting or staring at the Monoliths (big black boxes), otherwise you will go back from the start of the Limbo. Explore around a little bit until you see a dark brown flat pool on the bottom layer. This is the exit in the Limbo. Simply jump onto the pool and it will say, "Downloading Terrain" depending on if you loading the chunks in that area or not.

You will spawn somewhere random after the arrival of the Overworld. (Sometimes near or far from the spawn.) Simply press "M" or whatever key you assigned to the Big Map, and look for your house.

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