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Redstone Energy Cell 100mj/t limit too low for combustion engine


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Is there any efficient way to output power into a single redstone energy cell from a single combustion engine as to not waste the energy? Right now the redstone energy cell is accepting 100MJ every time the engine 'pumps' into it, but nearly twice that is being generated. I have the engine stuck right to the side of the cell.bFvALHG.jpg

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I may be missing something but the simple solution to me would be to input power on more than on face on the cube.

Cube faces have that 100 MJ capacity but the amount of energy red-stone conduit can transfer at once is very high.

In my game I have 4 cubes wired together so that power from my bio-fuel generators goes into two faces on the 1st cube and one face on each of the 3 others. They are also wired in circuit.

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