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Mining Lasers, Prechargers, and Tesseracts


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I have 5 Lasers running under my base, all with 4 prechargers each.

I run power to them with energy tesseracts.

I have roughly 20,000 mj/tick unused.

But the lasers are extremely slow.

Before i was just using one energy tesseract. But i read that they have a maximum output of 100 mj a tick or something.

So im like alright, 10 more tessereacts, on sending and receiving sides. It got slower.

I dont know what im doing wrong.

maybe the placement of them? they are all on the same energy conduit line.

Im thinking of running conduit all the way down there.

Any help?

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Every precharges needs 50 Mj/tics each to be able to run at full speed. Cant remember max output from each side from tesseract but I think it is 75 or 100 Mj/tic. So for maxing 20 prechargers you need to feed them with 1000 Mj/tic. Use all 6 sides of the tesseract and start to add more untill you get a total output of 1000 Mj/tic.

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