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Do the modders know or care how exploitable the random building mods can be?


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For battletowers:

Nerd pole up the side of the building, Occasionally punching a one block hole to nab the loot chest

(For some reason the tower guardian hasn't even been spawning for me, I've been playing hard mode)

As for those huge castles, You can just climb up the side to the main corner, ANd grab the walker king's chests and bail because he walks at 1/2 MPH

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The Technic team doesn't make the mods, they just repackage and distribute them. If you have any suggestions or issues, I'd probably find the MCF thread for the mod.

I'm just discussing something that is in hexxit,

Also, I was ragebanned by citric for some stupid drama, The only reason i care is i cant get in touch with modders

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