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[Closed][1.6.4]InfiniTech[Open][24 Slots][PvE][Custom Zip-InfiniTech]


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Server has been shut down due to financial issues.

If you're looking for a modpack with all the best tech and magic mods available then look no further than InfiniTech. Whether your interest is building incredible structures, creating elobarate redstone circuititry and contraptions, or developing the biggest and most efficient factory Minecraft has ever seen this modpack has what you need.

Constantly updated, vigilantly monitored, and hosted with top of the line equipment you can rest assured that there is not only something here for you, but that the enjoyability of your game-time is our utmost concern.

So come join us for an adventure, you never know where the journey will take you.



*Ars Magica 2



*Thaumcraft 4

*Thaumic Tinkerer

*Applied Energetics

*Big Reactors


*Extra Bees

*Magic Bees

*Meteor Mod

*Universal Electricity


*Atomic Science

*Modular Force Fields

*Tinker's Construct

*Twilight Forest



*Minefactory Reloaded


*Greg's Lighting

*Wireless Redstone CBE

*Power Boxes

*Biomes O Plenty

*Infernal Mobs

*Deadly World

*Nether Ores

*Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod

*Liquid XP

*Logistics Pipes


*Extra Cells


*Ender Storage




*Carpenter's Blocks




*Dynmap available - visit infinitech.g.akliz:8123 in your web browser to view the server map.

And that's just the start. Our goal is to always ensure that InfiniTech is packed to the brim with content.





*Grief Prevention







*Vote List


Server Rules

1) Use common sense and common manners: obviously no griefing, going out of control, or insulting others for any reason. (most importantly the last one)

2) Please do not ask for OP, /fly, /god, items, staff rank, or anything of the sort. If I need more staff applications will be opened. Asking for it will only show you are not qualified. The other points should be obvious.


Banned Items

*Currently none. Only items found to crash the server or corrupt chunks will be banned.


Server Address:


(Some broadband routers can't resolve the port and may need to add :25569 after the domain name in order to connect)



For all the latest information and updates please look here. Also, feel free to post comments, concern, suggestions or simply say hello


ModPack Link

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Thanks all for posting.

Concerning the Error about the dimensional manager it has been fixed.

As for Ars Magica, the last time I tested it half of it didn't work. I'll be looking here soon at any new updates but since it does a lot of world gen (or at least the last one did) I want to be completely sure it actually works before putting it in.

Also, I just added Galacticraft and Secret Rooms.

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can u plz post when ars magica is working and also is anything banned.

Ars Magica 2 is being added tonight. Also I'm putting in an older version of Galacticraft (not much older) that seems more stable and will hopefully fix crashes involving items from this mod.

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