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Every time i join a specific server my tekkit lite crashes and when i restart it all over again

it still crashes on me and gives me a white screen and i also got rid of everything on my compter and downloaded java and the launcher and it still did the same thing Help me

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Well I'm not surprised if you tried connecting with your Tekkit Lite to a Tekkit Classic and that made you crash.

Or if you did try Tekkit Lite to a Tekkit Lite server but just forgot that you posted this on the Tekkit Classic section, a simple mistake to do.

Anywho... This isn't the correct place, you should first try singleplayer, if that crashes too then it is a modpack bug. Post in either Lite or Classic, whichever it is you are using...

Please note that many others are having multiplayer problems, so the main problem might lie with Mojang's servers.

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