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Oxygen Generation for station

Stone Rhino

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So I decided "Let make a space station cause it'd be cool!". Did I really think wrong on that one.

After finding out that solar panels crash the server once the daylight cycle hits, replacing all of the glass 4 times, replacing other various blocks, I'm quickly starting to realize how much of a pain this is even in creative mode.

To start off, GalCraft with 1.3.13 seems to have some issues with the fairness of oxygen generation. This may be the fault of mekanism, but let me continue first.

My first tier's going great. Its so beautiful. I setup 12 electrolytic separators, attach them to tanks and let the things fill while I setup oxygen sealers.

Attaching them and firing it all up, we wait gleefully as atmosphere was vented into the room. Hours go by and people start logging off. I stay logged in as creative overnight. 8 hours later, still not sealed. check after work, 8 hours later. Not sealed.

The sealer was sitting there at 5% input. I scratch my head and start wondering why the hell its so poor output. The separators were low on power so I bumped the power and that brought it to 12%.

I sat and did the math over and over. I'd need 75 to 100 separators to run ONE sealer at an acceptable level. Let alone the volume of water, aqueous accumulators, and real estate to put the bloody things.

This brings me down to my disappointment.

To get 100% on 8 sealers to cover my station:

  • 2 fission reactors, each with 4, 3x3 turbines
  • 20 aqueous accumulators
  • 400 electrolytic separators

I dont think a server's going to appreciate chunk loading 800 separators. Is there any way to either make the galacticraft stuff use less, or make the separators output more?

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You might want to use galacticraft's oxygen collector along with a tree or wheat farm. The electrolytic separator is meant for the hydrogen generator, and only outputs a small amount of gas. It's like trying to fill a swimming pool with dirt using a pair of tweezers instead of a backhoe.

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