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Changing existing mods


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Hey guys,

For a few weeks i downloaded the Modpack Hexxit (MC version 1.5.2) through the Technic Launcher and played it for a while. Even if it is a lot more interessting than Vanilla Minecraft, there are still a bunch of things i would like to change.

So i watched a lot of tutorials about how to write and integrate mods into vanilla minecraft with MCP and Eclipse. So far so good, this isnt really a thing anymore.

The problem now i am facing is, that i have no clue how to change existing mods. Is this also possible with the MCP and Eclipse ? Is it even possible ? And is it even allowed?

I would appreciate any help or links to turotials wink.png


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Yes you can do it.

MCP can decompile the mods into something readable, though I don't know at the moment. Last time I did it was MC1.2.5 and involved manually merging the mod jar/zip with minecraft.jar then running the decompile/obfuscate batch.

This assumes the mod in question doesn't make its source available already. The smart ones do.

Despite arguments about copyright and modders wishes at the very least you have the reverse engineering clause of pretty much every copyright law in the world. This states you may take anything apart for purposes of altering your own work to make it compatible.

Use some reflection to insert your modified data and you'll have a mod that alters another without redistributing any of their code. Haters couldn't even claim stealing at that point so you know their objections are purely irrational.

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You should check to see if the source code to the mod(s) in question is already available.  It is for many popular mods, like BuildCraft.


Decompiling mods can be more trouble than it's worth.  Dumping it in the JAR doesn't work as well as it used to.  Immibis made a swell tool called Bearded Octo Nemesis though which can help with the deobfuscating part.

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