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need some advice on ore balancing


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So im making a little plugin for tekkit and i need some help with balancing the worth of ores.

i havent played tekkit in months so im not sure how common the modded ores are. here is a list of ores i need to balance:

Mcopper ore = 606

Mtin ore = 606:1

cheese ore = 606:2

Ncoal ore = 732:0

Ndiamond ore = 732:1

Ngold ore = 732:2

Niron ore = 732:3

Nlapis ore = 732:4

Nredstone ore = 732:5

Ncopper ore = 732:6

Ntin ore = 732:7

Nemerald ore = 732:8

Nsilver ore = 732:9

Nlead ore = 732:10

Nuranium ore = 732:11

Nnikolite ore = 732:12

Nplatinum ore = 733

Nferrous ore = 733:1

Npig iron ore = 733:2

Niridium ore = 733:3

Nosmium ore = 733:4

certus qiartz ore = 745

copper ore = 925

tin ore = 925:1

silver ore = 925:2

lead ore = 925:3

ferrous ore = 925:4

quantum ore = 1083

lit quantum ore = 1084

uranium ore = 1402

an M in front of an name is short for moon, an N for nether. im not asking you to do the entire thing (would be nice though) but just some suggestions.

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A couple questions for you:

(1) I've never messed with adjusting ores; why do you need to balance them? what are you trying to accomplish?

(2) I see reference to sapphire and ruby, etc... are you sure you're playing Tekkit (i.e., Tekkit Main), or are you playing Tekkit Lite? If so, you might want to check out the Tekkit Lite forum.

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