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mcpc+ with Tekkit server


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Hi guys,

I am searching for a while and can't find any clear tutorial about mcpc+ with Tekkit.

I also tried a bit for myself with depacking mcpc+ and copying any data from it into the Tekkit server folder but i can't get the results i'm looking for.

Pls can someone experienced give me a short describtion about using mcpc+ together with a tekkit server(the newest one (i found older bukkit tekkit tutorials))?

I would really appreciate it.

greetings Hyrikan

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Thx for the fast answer.

Meanwhile i was able to get my Tekkit mcpc+ server to run BUT ^^

I want to use it on the internet on the Server site Nitrado.net

Normally when hosting a server there you just delete the launch.bat and the minecraft_server.jar and rename the tekkit.jar into minecraft_server.jar so Nitrado can run it.

I thought i just have to rename the mcpc+ jar to minecraft_server.jar now. Because you delete the Tekkit.jar anyway with mcpc+.

But it wont run :(

Mayby any suggestions? I already posted a Forum thread in their Forums but still waiting for an answer.


- Edit: Managed to get the server running. thx for help.

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