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Tekkit Server not joinable?


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Alright so I got my tekkit server all set up just recently and I can't get any of my friends to connect. Vanilla Minecraft works fine but in Tekkit they get a "Can't Reach Server" message or "Connection Time out" screen when trying to join. We're using hamachi and like I said vanilla Minecrft works perfectly.

Thanks in Advance!

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1st: Make sure ALL users have Java JRE 1.7. You should install the latest version yourself. Also make sure they have the correct Tekkit client.

2nd: Check to see if online mode is on or off, this could affect it based on how your server is to be used.

3rd: Reinstall Hamachi. It usually fixes things.

4th: If you are using a custom client (MinecraftSP, MagicLauncher, etc.), try logging in with the default Tekkit client. Some clients have a special patch that needs to be applied, you'll have to google that if you want to use them.

5th: If you are using a Mac, wipe your harddrive, sell the mac, and buy a nice Windows one with an i7 2600k, 8+GB RAM, a good videocard and SSD, and you will STILL have money left over! Then you server will definitely work.

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