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[1.0.10]Magus Innovations[PVP][Protection Stones][McMMO][Lotto][Eco][20 slots][DD removed]


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World was just started today. Claim your land today. Find towers before anyone else. Start with a protection stone, which uses worldguard. The protection stone you start with creates a 25x25x25 protected area with the protection stone in the center. Server is on hard difficulty so beware.

Still working on spawn and need to get buy shop up.

-Major Plugins-

  • Essentials
  • Protection Stones
  • McMMO
  • MobCash
  • Lottery
  • LiveChat
  • SignShop2

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Become a member by going to the website and joining with your enjin account. You must also have your character added to your enjin profile for it to automatically upgrade you to member in-game. Members gain commands such as /tpa /back and /spawn.

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Yeah my host is down and not responding. Very dissatisfied with the customer service.

Eh, what can you do with minecraft hosts right? Hard to find a good one. Also, if you ever get it up, you should come on some time, I don't think I've ever been on a hexxit serer where the owner actually showed up XD

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