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  1. ​ Going to have to pass on that. I can't downgrade for a single server. Best of luck to you though.
  2. I run java 8, x64 for work reasons. I've got 8x the recommended amount of ram so that's all set. Never had a problem with the voxel stuff before when I ran it on some vanilla-ish servers, but I'll clear out the mapping programs to see if that fixes it. I could debug it but, meh, effort.
  3. Server does not exist according to the link you have in the pack. Traditionally you have everything setup before you announce an opening.
  4. Cons: Pack does not install correctly. I tried 3 times with fresh installs and checked my java version to make sure my install was as updated as I could be. Yet I could not get your modpack to work. It would always crash during initializing. I tested other servers and modpacks and didn't have the problem which leads me to believe it's something on your end.
  5. ​My bad! Got the wrong address somehow. Everything's fine. Nothing to see here.
  6. ​Server says you're running 1.8.1, is the above post wrong?
  7. Another "slightly older than 30" guy here. You kind of go overboard with the mods but I imagine I can just ignore the ones I don't care for. Username: fallenvalkyrie Name (optional): I usually go by 'athy' Hobbies (both on and off minecraft): Cooking, TRPGs (been running them for two decades now), hobbyist translations, drinking, reading, writing (might try for NaNoWrMo this year) What are you looking for in a server: I want to explore a bunch of the old magicy/fantasy mods that I haven't played on in a while and was hoping for a community to do it in. I've been to other servers but the age difference is so huge I end up just getting annoyed nonstop by kids less than half my age. I already am staff on a decent sided RP server, I'm just here to have fun and hang with some nice people and build/explore. Why you think we would be a good fit: From all the comments in the thread it sounds like it might be a community I could fit in. Don't know until I try but I'm very much a do-my-own-thing and join-with-others-when-it-suits-us and it sounds like the rest of the group feels the same. I'm laid back and while I not exactly a creative builder I have a massive back-list of schematics I work from so I can put nicely shaped things that others have put online to help those of us who are "designingly challenged" XD
  8. IGN: athaalin Age: 33 Random Fact About You?: Fluent in Japanese! Kind of wish I picked a more useful language for the tech world though XD Why You Want To Join: I love fantasy 'flavored' servers and you have an interesting combinations of mods on yours. What other games do you enjoy?: Endless Legend, anything Fallout, TRPGs, a-lot-of-games-I-sadly-don't-have-the-time-to-play-anymore What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have: I've been playing modded minecraft for a long time. I can't even play Vanilla anymore. I've run the gambit of tech and magic/fantasy mods, and full conversions like terrafirmacraft. Whatever I'm not familiar with is just a youtube video away from having a decent understanding anyway. Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: Not really, looking forward to see how this set of mods play together. Normally I don't go for anything that doesn't have ore mods (since I love those) like Metallurgy, or tinker's construct, but I'm curious enough to give this a try.
  9. Having spent a few days on now I think I can give a decent rundown of the modpack. Pretty fun as far as mods go (and they're looking to expand with a new mod or two), energetic community, plenty of room for growth, expansion and exploration, not too hard to get a good start. Pretty good place overall. I'd love it if you could donate to get more /home choices though.
  10. Stuff was getting stuck in the underground and killing spawn rates at night. Things are now sufficiently lethal at night. I love the additional creeper types btw.
  11. Mobs do spawn but at a GREATLY reduced rate. I wonder if something is using up all the mob spawns for something but this place is pretty much easy mode. I'm lucky to see a couple of zombies and a skeleton all night on the overworld.
  12. Can't even log in. Perpetually times out, also you should probably give people a working link to the modpack so they can view it and see what mods are in it.
  13. I've been looking for a calm but fun fantasy-ish server for a while now. I think I might have found my home here in deathnode. It's not that hard to get the feel for things, people are nice and helpful and the world isn't even closed to picked over yet, still so much to do! If you're looking to solo or work with a group you could do a lot worse than play here.
  14. Looking kind of dead at this point. edit: NOT DEAD! Just updated to 1.7.10
  15. Eh, what can you do with minecraft hosts right? Hard to find a good one. Also, if you ever get it up, you should come on some time, I don't think I've ever been on a hexxit serer where the owner actually showed up XD
  16. IGN: athaalin Age: 32 How long you've been playing Hexxit (doesn't really matter, newbies or veterans are well received): couple of weeks? None of the servers I play on stay up for long. Maybe a picture of some previous builds(not necessary just enjoy seeing peoples builds, however it will help to show your maturity level in how you build): I usually take schematics and modify them, I don't really keep pictures of what I do. Why you want to play on this server: I would KILL to play with a more mature player base. I'm so tired of 12,13 and 14 year olds screaming, creating drama and greifing the hell out of everything. If I wanted this level of dysfunction I'd go play a modern FPS.
  17. Kinda weaksauce for a rant. I couldn't find any bushes after looking for a while, but, hey maybe I missed it. As for pony related, it'd be nice if there was a community there. I imagine they might even be pony fans! If they existed. I'm sorry to hear that you spent a lot of time on servers that were even more low effort, I suppose it'll be up to the others who spend time on this server to judge whether it's bad, mediocre or good. I still get to throw my 2 cents in. Myself and two others when I was one that night couldn't find anything to help us through and all left. So as with everything on the internet, YMMV.
  18. I have seen some low effort servers but this takes the cake. There is no food within a survivable distance of spawn, so if you die hope you enjoy perpetually staving to death. There's nothing pony other than a couple of pony sculptures near 'spawn', and I use the term 'spawn' loosely. You spawn IN the ocean, and there is a simple wooden platform and a single wood plank wide 'bridge' leading to land, to biomes where there is no food by the way! The land has been horribly scarred by meteors and floating trees are everywhere. In short, this place is a fucking mess from beginning to end. Even if you're a brony who wants more than vanilla, find somewhere else.
  19. 1-2 other people? I like small servers but that's a bit overkill XD. I do wish you the best of luck with yours though!
  20. Well it's an ok start, admins/mods don't seem to be on much and you're entirely on your own but it could be worse. Takes some time to get a decent plot of land and the interface is pretty buggy. People are generally nice though and progressing is interesting enough. Overall definitely a work in progress.