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Game keeps force changing gamemode?


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I realize this probably isn't where this should go, but I could really use some help.

Tekkit keeps changing my gamemode without my permission. Every time I go into my world, visit the moon, visit any Age, visit the nether-basically anything that causes the world to re-load-I get stuck in this weird gamemode somewhere between survival and creative. I can fly, destroy blocks instantly, have no health or hunger meter, but mobs can see me and they can kill me.

I can change gamemode back, but sometimes I forget to and end up destroying something important (just a while ago I destroyed an obsidian chest completely full of ingots).

So my question is, does anyone know how I can fix this?

(P.S. The only changes I've made to my tekkit mods are Optifine and a newer build of MPS since the old one gave me crashes when it tried to render the suits.)

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That's what it looks like, C+. But in all my experience in C+ mode, I've never been able to be seen or attacked by mobs. Also in this mode I can't destroy pipes. They show the destroyed animation and then pop right back into existence.

Bit more info I probably should have added to the first post:

I think this problem may have originated when I got my first powersuit. The game would crash whenever I viewed my inventory (and therefore my character) while wearing the suit. When I went back into the game it would have forced me into "C+" mode to prevent my character needing to be rendered. After researching I found it to be a problem with the particular build of MPS included in Tekkit and got a newer build, which fixed the initial problem. But still the game forces me into C+ when I start up.

Long story short, I'm thinking somehow the MPS fiasco made the game want to permanently be in C+ mode. I'm just curious if that's even possible, or if it's something else. If it is the case, how do I fix it?

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