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Engine glitch/issue


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I have combustion engines set up to power a few things. I have them powered by redstone. They run and work just fine when I first power them up. If I switch them off for any reason or in any way, such as a lever or breaking the redstone... They stop working. The quarry or whatever I have them powering stops running, all as expected. But when I power them again, nothings happens. They don't start running. They are all receiving power but they don't start up. They have fuel and water. No changes are made. Literally if I flip a lever off and then on again immediately, the engines don't start to run again. And it isn't a visual glitch, as the quarry doesn't run anymore. I have tried different things and this always happens. Any ideas? And I'm not a Tekkit/Big Dig savant, so I may have missed a simple thing, but every thing sees fine, so I'm out of ideas.

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