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Infinite Green Energy Legit


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I'm not cheating even a little and I'm wondering how to get infinite clean energy legit. Primarily focusing on methods that can be scaled up without getting ridiculous or too hard on my CPU as I'm using a laptop.

I tried to solar boiler but I have no idea how much each mirror adds. Water mills are too wimpy to power very much without ENORMOUS arrays and solar panels are prohibitively costly in the early stages.

Basically for now I need to run a quarry at a reasonable speed and a Factorization ore processing chain.

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I recommend geothermal generators and piping in lava from the nether. Not "infinite" per se, but it requires very little maintenance.

My current starting regime: Geothermal Generators, build an ME system (highly recommended to learn Applied Energistics), autocraft solar panels. I also use uu-matter to make the mats for things, so setting up a mass fabricator and recyclers for the cobble from your quarry is highly recommended.

Obviously, this takes a while. If you don't know AE, I recommend Mindcrafter's excellent tutorial.

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