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State of Buildcraft Pipes


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Alright so for the first time i decided to try out tekkit,cause i'm used to tekkit light and other older versions and stuff. I set up a fairly standard furnace setup with the ores going into the top being cooked and then being pumped out the front or side like buildcraft initially worked.

Only one issue the pipes seemed to not be working correctly,instead of pumping out the smelted ore,they pump out the coal instead. Naturally i did some googling and found this,something similar to my issu, quote from wiki thread about it

minecraft now supports sided inventory directly, and I beleive that Forge 'isidedinventory' support may have been removed. You may find that you have a BC version that requires Forge sided inventory, and your Forge version is too new and this feature has been removed. What versions of MC/Forge/BC are you using? You may have to update BC or downgrade Forge.

Edit: Looks like Forge isidedinventory was removed on the 9th July. Forge Commit This change is in Forge 9.10.0.

So my question is, is this the same issue in tekkit. Is the forge code required for buildcraft no longer their making pumping item out sideways impossible,or am i missing something completely?

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Pump the items in the top and pump them out the bottom. Once you get TE machines they can send items out the side.

With hoppers added to minecraft the vanilla furnace works like this:

Items in the top.

Fuel in the back.

Smelted items out the bottom.

They did this for the hoppers, so you can make a automatic furnace in vanilla as well.

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