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Applied Energistics/IC 2 Reactor question


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I have a very satisfactory nuclear reactor setup that automatically cools and refuels itself via my ME system. I also have a real nice, fast breeder reactor that is (almost) fully automated. The breeder reactor sucks out the re-enriched uranium cells and replaces them with depleted isotope cells. It uses Both reactors use quad uranium cells.

The quad uranium cells are easy to shoot back in to the power plant reactor, as there is only one actual type of item going in. Not so with the breeder.

What I need is a way (preferably using my existing ME system) to detect what comes out of the breeder, (re-enriched uranium or depleted uranium,) and replace it with the appropriate item (depleted isotope cell or quad uranium cell.)

I saw an old reactor video on youtube that used redpower, with a block called an item detector. Is this my only option? I would like to avoid using redpower, as the ensuing clutter can quickly get real ugly.

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Ah yes. This problem.

I have engineered a solution.


Oops, Wrong Reactor.

This Should do it:


This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the latest and greatest breeder reactor to grace my beautiful and irradiated test world.

Mats List:

1x Functional Breeder reactor that changes its own cells and/or uses SUC w/AE

1x ME Import Bus

1x ME Export Bus

2x ME Dark Cable

4x Wireless Receivers and Transmitters

1x Howler Alarm

1x Thermal Monitor

1x AND gate (Clicked w/ screw driver once)

1x NOT gate

1x Computer

Some Red Wire

Some Dirt/Cobble/Stuff

So Basically, The idea is you divide your Exp/Imp Busses into 2 categories, I call them DU and FISSILE. You employ dark cables to disconnect one pair when you don't need them.


Right side = Depleted cell insertion/Re-enriched cell extraction

Back side = Quad Insertion/Near-DU extraction

Left side = Reactor on/off. Refer to picture for optimal connection w/ thermal monitor and Howler Alarm

while true do


print("Loading Reactor")



print("Starting Reactor")

redstone.setOutput("left", true)


print("Running Reactor")



print("Stopping DU Loading & Unloading")



print("Finishing Cycle")



print("Stopping Reactor")

redstone.setOutput("left", false)



print(">>Caution, Reloading Fissile Materials<<")

redstone.setOutput("back", true)


redstone.setOutput("back", false)


print("Restarting Sequence")



Here is Pseudo Code:


Turn on Depleted/Re-enriched cells I/O

Turn on Reactor

Wait 9995 seconds (9995 of 10000)

Turn off Depleted/Re-enriched I/O

Wait 10 Seconds (Reactor is now finished, and has empty spaces and/or near-depleted)

Turn off Reactor

Turn on Quad/Near-DU I/O

Wait 10 seconds

Turn off Quad/Near-DU I/O


Note that i pierced the top of my shield. You don't have to do this, but otherwise you will use all 4 sides of your bubble and no way to get the electricity out.


Footnote: after reading this, i realised you don't have to use 2 import busses. Just set up your dark cables up to the export busses, and import near-DU and re-enriched with no control. this will only use 3 sides, allowing an mfsu to suck the juice out of the 4th hole.

I lied, you have to use all 4 or else it might suck the wrong item in those 10 seconds and then BOOM

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That is amazing. Thank you. I figured I would need to use computercraft, but not having any experience with it, I am going to have to do some basic research. Thank you also for making me aware of the ME Dark Cable, which wasn't mentioned in any of the AE tutorials I saw.

Now to get to work. I had better do this on a test server, as my breeder is pushing the limits of its melting threshold, and I really don't want my base to end up like the first pic. :) (My breeder runs at 69,000 degrees.)

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