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1.0.10 |IP:chaotic-frontier.us| Ultimate Hexxit |PvP|No Grief|Mature|


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Want to join the BEST Hexxit server around?

Look no further: chaotic-frontier.us is for you!

Chaotic Frontier Hexxit provides the ultimate gaming experience - no lag, a friendly environment, pleasant staff, a mature community, and limited restrictions! We currently are hosted on a dedicated machine, and will upgrade according to our needs. We have a myriad of plugins to keep our server going at maximum potential, and mini-games to enjoy for days on end!

Our goal at Chaotic Frontier Hexxit is to provide the best experience we can for every single user on an individual basis. That means catering to your suggestions, comments, and ideas. We take user input very seriously on our server, and throwing ideas towards Admins or the Owner often results in direct, immediate action or implementation of your ideas! Cool, ain't it?

Banned Items:

Ender Bow (Server Crash)

Rift Blade (Server Crash)

Meteor Summoners (Griefs like hell!)

Hunter's Gun (Temporary, for grief)

Chest Transporter (Bypasses protection on chest)

Starstone (Bypasses protection)

Removed Mods:

Dimensional Doors (Causes intense lag/crashing/inconvenience)

Server Rules:

Do not spam or use excessive caps.

Do not beg for rank or staff status.

Do not beg for items.

No, you cannot have OP.

Do not grief under any circumstance.

PvP is allowed, but do not spawn kill or slaughter newbies.

Respect staff at all times, report abuse when necessary.

No use of hacked clients or x-ray.

We have banned items deemed necessary towards the smooth running of our server. Unfortunately, there may be one thousand of you who would play by the rules without any banned items. However, it is that one person who can completely mess things for all of us, and therefore action had to be taken to restrict this.

Chaotic Frontier is an economy based server, however PvP is encouraged and allowed. We use Towny for grief protection and for organization of players - war is allowed between towns and nations, so long as it is not overly aggressive, or against a brand new town. In these cases, feel free to go to war by all means, however please do not grief. We want every player to feel safe at Chaotic Frontier, being able to take pride in their work without risk of it being stolen, griefed, etc. This is our mission - to make sure every player is happy and well suited to enjoy Hexxit!

So please drop by IP: chaotic-frontier.us we look forward to seeing you!

**Note: Server still under constant development, please ignore any flaws or "construction" which is going on, it will be over soon and we will be up 100% to speed! For now, just have fun playing Hexxit!**

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Well it's an ok start, admins/mods don't seem to be on much and you're entirely on your own but it could be worse. Takes some time to get a decent plot of land and the interface is pretty buggy. People are generally nice though and progressing is interesting enough.

Overall definitely a work in progress.

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