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[solved] BuildCraft Filler and Quarry deleting blocks



Title: BuildCraft Filler and Quarry deleting blocks

Version: 1_0_3

OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

Java Version: Java 7 Update 45 x64

Description of Problem:

I Know, I know, it's two different machines. But since they're from the same mod, I *think* it's connected.

I wanted fast automated digging, so I went for the Filler first, which ironically can be used to clear up large amounts of blocks if the blocks are /above/ the area to be filled (by using the Flatten pattern).

To my disappointment, blocks were downright deleted about 50% of the time, which made it unfit for excavating as many ores could be lost (now that I think of it this might be intended, as it pretty much makes Quarries useless. Except for lava bits).

So I made a Quarry. Fortunately I had made a backup before that, because it did not output *any* blocks when it started mining.

I powered the Quarry with 4 Stirling engines and connected all with Redstone Energy Conduits, if that info is of any help. I'm sorry I can't provide more data, I just have a 11 diamonds worth on a block-eating machine xP (yay for NEI and cheating just a lil' bit).

Of course, if there's any kind of log I can provide, just point me at it. I would very like fully functional Quarries on my world.

(edit: Also reading wiki articles more closely when not having played Tekkit in months is advisable to not make derp threads like this...)

Error Messages:

Error Log:


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The Filler was nerfed in a past update so that it deletes the blocks that it mines, this is because as you said above, it made quarries useless. For your problem with the quarry, I've never heard of a it not pumping out blocks and it has never happened to me...maybe try hooking it up to a pipe and a chest? It might be a graphical glitch causing the blocks to be invisible.

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Ah yes, I did not mention it but I did try placing both a chest connected with a pipe and a chest directly next to the Quarry, but blocks didn't show up. I will try using that quarry again, hopefully it was a one-time weird bug of sorts.

Edit: Aaaaaaaaaand I've made a fool of myself. Upon closer inspection of http://wiki.technicpack.net/Quarry , it appears I've managed to miss the bit that says "When the Quarry is powered for the first time, it will spawn a small robot that appears to float around. This robot will destroy all blocks within the designated area up to five blocks above it (this is to make room for the frame)". Emphasis on "destroy" and "blocks".

Was markedly worsened by the fact there was quite a lot of stone lying around where I built my first quarry, plus the area was quite big. That added to I hadn't played Tekkit in months, and when I saw that floating eraser robot I thought the Qaurry was upgraded to a laser drill of sorts xP

TL;DR there isn't any problem, just these humans like me making dumb mistakes again.

Updated 1st post title accordingly.

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